Banana Millet Muffins

My favorite time of year has fully arrived. The mountains are exploding with color and the trails are carpeted with leaves. The mornings are crisp, but there are still days when I can go for a run in shorts. It’s the best! Now about these muffins: the texture and flavor of these little gems are … Continue reading Banana Millet Muffins


Marbled Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Whoa— that was a long break. Between a new work schedule, house and yard projects, vacations, and everything else that comes with summer living, there wasn’t much time leftover for this space. But! I’m back with an amazing recipe, inspired by The Smitten Kitchen’s Marbled Banana Bread (link below). As soon as I saw the … Continue reading Marbled Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Lentil, apple, & avocado salad

I recently rediscovered my love of lentils. The husband is not as enthused, but did devour this salad the other night so I’ll take it. The basil dressing brings all of the ingredients together in a bright, fresh salad. Inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s lentils with burrata (so good!— link below), I took this in a … Continue reading Lentil, apple, & avocado salad

Miami Beach Birthday Cake with Cappuccino Whipped Cream

I celebrated a birthday last week! It may be weird, but I love making my own birthday cake. That way, I get exactly what I want! This recipe is an oldie, one my mom or grandma would make often for birthdays. I came across the recipe card at my mom’s house sometime during the fall. … Continue reading Miami Beach Birthday Cake with Cappuccino Whipped Cream