Thoughts about beginnings

Well. After having a few days to process the outcome of 11.8.16, I can’t say I have found any more clarity or peace. It still feels dangerous, frightening, and overwhelmingly sad; in this house we are mourning that the least prepared candidate has won the presidency. That hatred and fear are heard the loudest. That the things we value the most: respect, integrity, our environment, equal rights, seem to hang precariously in the balance. How do we move on from here? It is a question I keep coming back to. There is so much work to do. Yet, on this Veterans Day, I am reminded of how much faith and sacrifice has gone into building this free country.


It has been an incredibly gorgeous fall in Utah. The mountains have always been my sanctuary;  now more than ever, I find myself seeking to recharge on the trails. I love that a fellow Hillary supporter was doing the same thing, and ran into the woman herself.

I’ve been wanting to create this space as a creative outlet for a long time. A place to document what I’m cooking or baking, the places we’re traveling, and the projects we’re doing at home. My hope is to create a thoughtful, positive corner of the internet.


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