House Update:

This month marks two years since we became homeowners. It has definitely been an adventure: from a gas leak and replacing the roof within a month of moving in, to putting in hardwood floors and painting just about every square inch, or ripping out 50+ year old juniper bushes, we have had a thorough education in the many joys of owning a home in a short amount of time. It’s also been quite a transformation of the physical space itself, which has been so neat to see. We have definitely made this space our own, and I love coming home.

A few favorite updates that have added so much character and style to our late 1960s abode. These were major projects and I can’t believe how talented The Squirrel is…

Fireplace makeover. Steel plates secured to stone wall, with a beetle kill pine wood frame that is scribed to the rock.

Steel, wood, and concrete (planters).

Hardwood floors and steel/cable railing. This was the biggest change; from old, dirty carpet to wide plank, dark wood floors. We were able to create a custom stain for the wood and it turned out so lovely. Installing it was not my favorite, but the finished product more than makes up for my inability to walk for 3 days.


Sliding barn door. Best birthday present ever! This replaced bifold doors (which were constantly falling off the track or wouldn’t close) and was repurposed from a deteriorating fence in our backyard. Custom hardware and track too, because it is huge (door is 5ft+).

Reclaimed-wood sliding barn door, with steel inlay.

The project list is still long, but we’re on a hiatus now and I love the progress we’ve made so far!


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