Inspired by: beautiful sunrises and sunsets– the contrast with the fresh snow is extra lovely.

Reflecting on: Winter is such a time of quiet and dormancy; and with the new calendar year just starting it is also a perfect time for reflection. After putting thought into characteristics that I want to focus on, I’ve decided that in 2017, my mantra is gratitude and grace. I have so much to be grateful for; and I want to be better at expressing that gratitude, in small and big ways.

Part two of my focus comes because there are many things in my work life or out in the wide world that cause frustration or anger. My goal is to be accountable for the things I can change, but recognize that there are struggles all around us. It is impossible to know the burden another person is carrying. My hope is to recognize this, take a deep breath, and act with grace.

Snacking: Espresso almond butter stuffed dates, dipped in chocolate. Adapted from this recipe.

Baking: Banana bread with frangipane and chocolate. Recipe soon!

Shoveling. Lots of shoveling. And the first flurries of the next storm are just starting to fall.

Skiing. So many fantastic days already this year.




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